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how we areYour Source for ISO shipping Containers

Transport Planning sells, leases, modifies and customizes quality new and used freight containers, cargo containers and shipping containers!

TPSI is a world leader in sales of new and used shipping and storage containers in the United States and Canada. We offer all types of ISO shipping containers, IP1-IP2 containers, milvans and connex containers such as dry van, open top containers, flat racks, ocean freight containers, high cubes, refrigerated containers and chassis.

We aim to provide our customers with more than they need in order to ease any loading anxiety. The versatility of our connex containers and milvans allow us to serve all areas of the job market; schools, construction sites, farming and all areas in between. We offer standard ISO container lengths 20′ ft and 40′ ft, in addition to those we offer a variety of modified sizes 45′ ft, 48′ ft, and 53′ ft. ISO shipping containers and milvans produce a huge reduction in port handling costs, contributing significantly to lower freight charges and, in turn, boosting trade flows. Our ISO shipping containers and milvans are strong and tight, eliminating the worry of product loss. Almost every manufactured product a human consumes spends some time in an ISO shipping container or milvans.

Just as the computer revolutionized the flow of information, the ISO shipping container revolutionized the flow of goods. We provide a wide range of shipping containers such as flat racks, refrigerated containers, open top containers, cargo containers, freight containers, ocean freight containers, connex and milvans. An ISO shipping container can hold just about anything, from coffee beans to cellphone components. By sharply cutting costs and enhancing reliability, container-based shipping with milvans have enormously increased the volume of International trade and made complex supply chains possible.