Shipping Containers for Sale in Metropolitan New York / New Jersey

Transport Planning offers new and used shipping containers throughout the Eastern seaboard with supply to the greater metropolitan New York/New Jersey area including the Tri-State Area, Newark, and the Five Boroughs.

Shipping Containers for Sale in Metropolitan New York / New Jersey

All types of shipping and storage containers are kept in stock at our Metropolitan NY/NJ locations including:

  • Specialized Shipping Containers
  • Roll Up Door Shipping Containers
  • Open Top and Hard Top Shipping containers
  • On-Site Steel Storage Containers
  • 20’ Cargo Container aka Conex Containers
  • 40’ Cargo Containers aka Conex Containers
  • 10’ Cargo Containers
  • Custom Modified Shipping Containers
  • Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Custom Modified Shipping Containers

Do you plan on using your container for more than just shipping?  No problem, we’ll custom modify shipping and storage containers to include anything you need including windows, doors (personal, roll-up, etc), HVAC, Heat, lighting, insulation, electrical panel, etc.

Ask about custom sizes, we can alter the length of shipping and storage containers to fit your requirements.

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Ask About Our Customer Friendly Terms and Delivery Options

We offer options for customers to pay for the balance of their container upon delivery.  This provides customers with the opportunity to inspect the shipping container and confirm it is the same container they expected to receive.

This is very important because 99% of shipping and storage containers are delivered by a third-party trucking company who has no accountability in the sale of the container beyond safe transport, which means if you pay in full up-front you own the container that gets delivered.


Helpful Information About Shipping Container Conditions

Almost all shipping containers that are manufactured to ISO specifications are made outside of the USA and are conveniently available for transporting cargo internationally including to the United States.  For many, once these new containers are unloaded in the USA they have fulfilled their purpose and are no longer of use to the owner.  These containers are essentially still in new condition but can no longer be considered “new” by definition because they have been used for 1 trip.  This is why you will often encounter a disclaimer of sorts referencing NEW Shipping Containers as “like new”, “one time use”, “one trip”, or “near new”.

Transport Planning maintains an inventory of shipping containers from all three types of conditions:

  • New / Like New Shipping Containers – have only been used one time and are essentially new containers
  • Used – Cargo Worthy Shipping Containers – are used freight containers that qualify as certified for overseas international shipping
  • Used – Water Tight Shipping and Storage Containers – are milvans that won’t pass for global shipping, but are in good, sturdy condition for use by an individual owner for shipping and more commonly used for storage

Shipping Container Inspection and Quality

We will inspect and provide pictures of containers upon request.

Transport Planning is a Distributor of shipping containers.  This means we are selling shipping and storage containers from our inventory and are accountable for their condition.  This is important to know in today’s age of e-commerce where you will see a container promoted online, but the container you receive is not the same one that was promoted on the site.

Metro New York/New Jersey Shipping Container Sales

SAMWe welcome pickup of our Conex containers directly from our lots in Metro NY/NJ or we can deliver to popular areas such as:

Metro New York including Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island
Newark, NJ area – Essex County, Union County, Sussex County
Greater New York – Long Island, White Plains, West Chester
Upstate New York – Albany, Syracuse, Buffalo
Northern New Jersey – Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth

Fun Facts About the Port Newark Container Terminal (PNCT)

Over 45 international destinations for shippers moving freight through Port Newark Container Terminal (PNCT)

$3.2 Billion annual business income generated

Handling more than 1.3 million twenty-foot equivalent containers annually

13,000+ direct/indirect jobs supported

One of the only container ports in the world to use 10 acres of its active operational footprint for in-terminal solar energy generation by using elevated photovoltaic solar panel canopies.


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