About Us

40' container modified to include several roll up doors and interior partition walls to form separate compartmentsWe have been selling shipping containers for over 45 years……. which might not sound like a long time, but when you consider the fact that the ISO standard for modern shipping containers wasn’t established until 1970 you realize that we’ve essentially grown up with the industry! We have evolved over the years to be the premier shipping container dealer on the East Coast, but we started working for shipping lines as buyers of containers, then we were in the container leasing side of the business, so we are keenly aware of the subtle nuances that can factor into your shipping container requirements.

Our experience in container modifications is what sets Transport Planning apart from other shipping container suppliers. Whether you are buying a modified shipping container for the first time or are a seasoned freight forwarder, we make sure that everything you need for a satisfactory experience is covered.

Who We Service:

We are a leading provider of shipping containers that are utilized for overseas shipping by freight forwarders and NVOCCs (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers) as well as customers needing additional storage space for all types of businesses and various purposes. Most containers sold by Transport Planning are used for one-way shipping requirements, inter-company use, and on-site weatherproof mobile ground storage.

On Demand Satisfaction:

  • Experience – Over 45 years’ experience selling shipping containers
  • Regional Supply – Nationwide supply of containers from several port areas as well as some inland locations
  • In-Stock – Inventory of Like New/Newer/One Time Use freight containers as well as used cargo containers
  • Customizations – Doors, windows, safety rails, HVAC, insulation – you name it, we can do it
  • Delivery – We can arrange delivery of shipping containers to your location
  • Self-Pickup – Prefer to pickup the container yourself, no problem, we will work with you and/or your trucking partner to ensure proper accommodations are met
  • Certifications – Inspection for overseas shipping containers provided on-demand
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